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Thread: Winter goals

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    Winter goals

    Just got back into the gym about two months ago. Had some good gains with bodyweight and calisthenics, but the iron was calling me.

    Right now my three big lifts are:

    Bench: 325
    Squat: 365
    DL: 495

    I'd like to get to 350 on bench, 405 on squat, and hit a 550 DL before the new year.

    Going dirty bulk to get there. After doing Keto, I got to about 190lbs. I'm now getting my weight back up(slowly). I'm around 210 right now. Looking to hit a relatively lean 220 before the spring cut.

    I've been doing a version of Layne Norton's PHAT routine. 3 days of strength work with a day of rest then 3 days of hypertrophy work.

    It's fucking hard, but the results look good.

    Stay strong bros.

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    Im gonna try to get my cholesterol down to mid 5's from 7.5. I might start walking but its getting cold out.



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