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    Haha yeah and you're probably gonna win too, RG3 picked the exact wrong week to get injured for me.

    I have terrible Fantasy Football luck, every year in every league I do, no matter how good or dominant my team might be during the regular season and getting me to the playoffs, I always have a terrible first round of the playoffs where all or most of my players grossly underperform and shit the bed in week 14 or 15 and I go out in the first or second round. I swear I am cursed.
    - Ryan

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    Alright I just made a couple aggressive last minute moves in FA to hopefully account for RG3 being hurt, let's see if it'll sink me or save me or make no difference
    - Ryan

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    what a cheat scam, i had no idea playoff rounds were multi-week....fuck that noise.

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    haha, it was like that last year too
    - Ryan

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    Up by 40 heading into this final week, let's go!

    This is the only league I'm still alive in, all 4 of my yahoo leagues shit the bed in the playoffs as usual
    - Ryan

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    holy shit i finally won something, good season everybody

    my prize money can be sent to the following PayPal email address:

    Thanks !
    - Ryan

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    Still waiting on Shady to send me $20. If he doesn't in a day or two, I'll just eat the $20 and send it. Cool?

    Congrats on the win.

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    Shady living up to his nickname I see....that jewsnake rat bastard!

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    Haha yeah that's fine whatever works best
    - Ryan

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    Money should be in your acct

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    Got it, thanks everybody!
    - Ryan

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    Haha, obviously don't come on here often enough. My bad in the delay in money being sent awhile back. I'm always good for it.

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