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    Quote Originally Posted by Double R View Post
    Nope. Not many soldiers running around Parris Island or San Diego. .

    Army: Yes, Sergeant
    USMC: Aye, Sir.
    thats exactly what happened

    found it

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    That's hilarious considering those cadets outrank the Drill Instructors.

    Also, that's not at MCRD San Diego or Parris Island. Not sure where that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c_murder View Post

    There was nothing funny or remotely entertaining about that "fight". I was hoping the fat women would have ended up getting tipped over, or towed out of the store for being unruly...
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    Self proclaimed minister doesn't like the added gratuity to her bill and uses God as her excuse. Apparently the waitress who posted the picture of the bill for fired. /r/atheism had a field day.
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    That lady gives 10% to her church...which she owns...which she doesn't pay taxes on. So she basically donates to herself with her money.

    With that being said, the waitress was an idiot for not blocking out the signature. It's a fire-able offense at any restaurant.

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    Yeah, the signature being posted on the web was a bad idea. Taking a picture of the receipt in general is a risky act.
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    I laughed out loud on every one of those. And definitely had Hitler voice yelling in my head as I read each one.

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    so true. I always thought my German teacher was angry.

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    pretty much what I saw

    I'm not really sure what everyone else was talking about when they were saying how great she looked.

    also, throwing up the Illuminati symbols was cute...

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    I would stick that guy dick to that pole.

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