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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_YYZ View Post

    TL;DR All people are full of shit.

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    ^myspace angles and photoshop are a helluva drug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_YYZ View Post
    ^myspace angles and photoshop are a helluva drug

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    Quote Originally Posted by avix View Post
    I honestly thought I was scrolling the "post your recent purchases" thread, and thought this was you on your bike. :biggrin-new:

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    man thats fucked up. you know I'd have a better looking sword than that!

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    hahaha dumb fucks

    PORTLAND, Ore. — They should have stuck with chocolate and flowers. A Portland couple was arrested Tuesday for disorderly conduct after some Valentine’s Day role-playing went awry.

    Portland Police received a call that there was a woman tied up naked in the back seat of a blue Subaru with duct tape over her mouth. The car was seen driving out of the parking lot of New Seasons Market in northern Portland.

    At least nine officers canvassed the area and nearby police departments were alerted to the vehicle description, the Portland Police Bureau said.

    Witnesses described the driver as a white male with a goatee and sunglasses, and the female as seeming “hazy.” The male reportedly told witnesses that they “were just having some fun.”

    After running a check on the car’s license plates, police arrived at the registered owner’s house where they saw a male, 31-year-old Nikolas Alexander Harbar, walking away from the car. In the backseat, naked and bound as described by witnesses, was 26-year-old Stephanie Morgan Pelzner.

    The two confirmed that they were doing some Valentine’s Day role-playing. Pelzner said that it was all voluntary. The pair was charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree and booked into Multinomah County Jail.



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