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    What's your limit on miles for a used car?

    I've been looking for a beater/reliable car for miscellaneous things to replace my current one, my 01 Altima has pretty much hit that not worth repairing point. It's been very handy and I like not giving a fuck about it, i insure it one way, I can lend it out to parents for an appointment or whatever, they dont drive otherwise, or load it with whatever, but at the same time not be afraid to drive a kid somewhere. I have to say this car has been incredibly trouble free and it now has 140k miles on it and engine/tran can easily do another that much. It's everything else that's going or gone. I've been looking at maybe an 03 04 Altima, or Camry or accord. I'm finding some for about 2 or 3 k with roadworthy certificates. Problem is they're typically 120 miles to 130. Is that too high to pay good money for though? At what point do you say no that's way too high.

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    i personally try to stay under 70-80k max if just buying a used beater to get around.

    that seems to be the point when things like tire rods, CV joints, shocks/struts, clutch, motor mounts, etc start to need replacing, so i feel like i get a better idea of what the car needs going in to the purchase.

    Another thing is i budget for normal wear and tear replacements when i set a number for what i want to spend on a car. So if my max budget is say 4,000. I will try to get the vehicle for 3,500.00 or less because I just expect to at least have to do minor repairs to it.

    however, when i got my Dakota 'fuck it bucket' . . . i bought it with 151k miles. But i got it from a mechanic/body shop and they kept records of all the maintenance. I felt pretty comfortable that mechanically it was tip top. All i had to replace in that truck since i got it was a 8.00 relay for the Air Conditioner, and a wiper blade kit (6.00) to replace the bushings on it. That was just under 2 years ago.
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    That's pretty much how I see it, but lately I've been talking to so many people who are running their cars, especially nissans and toyotas to 200k and above and praise them for nothing big ever going wrong, usually just wear and tear, tires and brakes. My goal post of what's acceptable has moved, I've usually always bought used, only bought new maybe 3 or 4 times, and I never buy anything with more than 50k miles, and I still wouldn't if this was going to be my good car, but like I said for a beater for a couple ok g's, is 120 a lot safer buy than what it used to be?

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    It really depends on the car. I would rather by a 8 year old camry with 120k on it that has been well maintained, then one that has half the miles with no proof on maintenance.

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    ive bought several cars in the 150+k range that havent gave me a lick of trouble. Its all about the inspection and test drive before hand

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    I try to keep from going over 100K on the odo when picking up a new ride.
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    That's pretty much my limit too right now for a beater.

    Boofthese, what kind specifically have you seen give you the least trouble?

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    Ive bought MULTIPLE hondas with well over 100k. Only even had 1 give me problems. I have a mazda b3000 swb 4x4 now as a beater truck and its closing in on 200k and runs like a CHAMP, absolutely nothing wrong with it, with a/c that will freeze you out. Its all on how well it was taken care of really. Anything can be good as long as the maintenance was on point

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    Well I got a "beater", but I dont know if beater is a good description. I managed to find a 03 Nissan Altima 2.5s with 65k miles on it for 2800. Well, that's what I negotiated it for. The car literally drives like it just rolled off the dealer lot. Safetied and emission test. It has some damage in the drivers side rear wheel well from a garage door hittin it. That's it. Everything else is Like new. I'm going to fix that myself with my friend. This car got listed by a couple with a baby that just got a Minivan and I happened to respond to it right away. Every other car in that price range had 130k miles plus, so I was really suspicious at first but after meeting them and driving the car, it really was that low. I couldn't believe it. Oh and the radio is dead. :( turns out this model is notorious for the stereo just crapping out, but I've got another one lined up from a scrapyard for about a hundred bucks.
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    sounds like a good deal imo i woulda bought it

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    It's very impressive so far for the price. Went on a few long trips with it, drives like a brand new car, you only realize its 11 years old when you get out of it. The body is definitely 11 years old. Went to a scrapyard and got a stereo. 120. Easy swap. Basic instal. Took 15 minutes for the swap. I tried to post pics of the car but can't with this old iPhone, I'll have to use the computer. There's no done button once I select the pics. It just stays there until I exit out. Can the TOP MEN fix that?

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    ya go off how you feel when you drive it.

    When i bought my 4runner I looked at a 2007 4Runner with 130K miles on it and just had a bad feeling about how it drove, felt to me like the previous owners didnt maintain it very well and just had a weird feeling. Then test drove my 1997 4Runner with 191K miles on it. Bought it right there, drove better than the new one. It just needed new suspension, but didnt care lifted it anyway 3 days after I bought it.

    other than suspension, just put basic maint into it so far, tune up, fuel filter. Only thing it needs now with 215K is a seal for the rear axle and a transfer case seal, but to me this is basic maint. Engine, tranny and 4x4 work really well. Interior is in pretty damn good shape as well. Bought it for $6000, put about $4000-6000 in it, 95% of that is lifting, bumper, exhaust, speakers, racks, etc.
    Sounds like you found something though,
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    depends on a bunch of different factors.

    some cars age more then others, depending on their owners, location, upkeep..ect ect.

    There are 100k+ cars that drive like thy are new. It all depends..

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    I think it's an American thing but you guys don't seem to mind buying a car with 120k miles, but here that's 200k km and that's very high. I think cars typically last longer on the us from better weather which would explain it.

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    that has a lot to do with where i am from it is very dry, zero rust on almost any car you find here
    97 4Runner 5spd - 3in Toytec suspension lift w/Pro Comp shocks. 2in body lift. 17in dick cepek dc-2. 33in Nitto Terra Graplers. 3in Cat-back. ISR Delete. HREW tubing Rock Sliders. Outdoor Logic front wench bumper

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    Today I was visiting my friend in Montreal and a little civic stopped in front of us. Probably a 1977. We both hadn't seen one for like 15 years. It was in good shape too, no rust, so we knew it was not canadian. It wasnt even to be entertained. Sure enough it passes and it has Louisiana plates lol. Cars just don't last that long. You won't even see one from the late 80's lol.
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