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    Political literature Thread.

    Probably won't get a lot of views, but I know some of us here would appreciate some, IMO, good reading.

    This thread isn't for short articles. This is for posting up some TL;DR material and commentary.

    I read this the other month, and it was a good read.

    It's a book about the privatization of our road system on the Mises Institute site. If you're in to the whole Austian school of thought, there's a lot of good literature there

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    RR posting AnCap lit. I may cry.

    Here are some higher level topics:

    Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard
    A really short and easy essay by famed Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard revealing the nation state for what it is. Good primer for minarchists.

    No Treason - Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner
    Written in the mid 1800's by famed abolitionist and individual anarchist Lysander Spooner tearing apart the so-called authority of the constitution. Even though he was an abolitionist, he wrote this book to defend Confederate troops accused of treason under the constitution, which speaks volumes for his logical consistency. I fucking love this man. Spooner practiced unlicensed law in Boston and started a faster, cheaper competing mail delivery service to the USPS which was predictably shut down by the Feds. (Audio book or pdf)

    It's a Jetsons World by Jeffrey Tucker
    A recent book by Mises scholar Jeffrey Tucker that puts the small things we take for granted into perspective. (Audio book or pdf)

    Universally Preferable Behavior by Stefan Molyneux
    This is, in my opinion, the closets proof of objective secular ethics that doesn't rely on mystical concepts like "rights" and "human nature". It's a heady read, bro.
    aka - Annihilia

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    Anatomy of the State is a great quick read that anyone interested in this type of stuff should read. I read it 4 years ago during a lunch break at work and still remember enough of it to quote excerpt when debating with idiots.

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    You should check out For a New Liberty. Audiobook version is available on for free. Just put it on your phone and listen to it when you're tossing wings / salad.
    aka - Annihilia

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