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    Need a notebook for school.

    Anyone thinking about selling a notebook from now until December, let me know.

    Doesn't have to be anything special. It's going to be my masters degree shitbox. Something I can check email/browse/office with and run a VI to do forensic analysis on.

    I mean, it should be powerful enough to run virtual instances and decent HDD/RAM, but like I said, doesn't have to be a monster.

    I'd rather help someone out here than buy some POS from the Goodwill store or a new cheapo from Newegg or something.

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    I might have something for you. Gotta give them the looks over once though and make sure they are good.

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    ugh, just got rid of a pretty nice i5-powered toshiba satellite... i'll let you know if i find anything else.
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    I have a macbook pro id sell for 600.

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    Thanks guys.

    I'll keep checking for you brahs.

    Will, I think your company may need to upgrade all of your PCs

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