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    RR's trip to St Croix

    Old Dutch Fort in the center of Christiansted, the biggest town on the island

    Island in the middle of the Christiansted harbor. Nice dive bar/seafood joint, private beach. We went there for a day.

    Seaplane taking off

    Beer drinking pigs

    Snorkeling boat I took for my birthday.

    Water was crystal clear and 80 degrees

    Horseback riding through a rainforest and on the beach

    Aging rum in the Cruzan distillery. Rum is cheaper than water on the island. The Captain Morgan distillers is on the island as well.

    I drank so much fucking rum. I bought 6 bottles for $40 to take back to the states. Duty free.

    Radio Telescope. One of ten around the world that link up to form one big ass telescope

    Some famous country singer we meet boozing. I don't follow country though, so I didn't really give a shit.

    View from my golf outing

    Pitching wedge from 97 yards into 20 mph wind onto a green that drops about 50 feet with a cliff on all sides of the green. It's the "Pebble Beach 13th of the Caribbean" they called it.

    Nailed it. Missed birdie putt. Fuck.

    Huge ass Iguanas all over the course

    Another action shot

    View of the 18th hole.

    Cocks everywhere in town

    Sunrise over the eastern most point in the US or any of it's territories.

    Sunrise from our room.

    Local cuisine. Stewed Goat. One of the best things I have ever eaten.

    More goat, curried edition.

    That's all I have. Awesome place. It's a stereotypical "tropical island". Reminds me of Hawaii if it didn't have a tourism industry. Think Far Cry 3 without all the terrorist pirates.

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    No. All the local women were fat as fuck

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    goat > *
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    Nice. Would have been better is you didn't take shitty DROID pics though.

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    My girlfriend took them with her camera. They're all on her computer. I ripped these off of Facebook in all of their shitty jpeg glory.

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    Looks like fun. Beer drinking kind of people.

    When is the Asian tour?

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    Looks like you had a good time. Recommend that trip for others? Would you do it again?

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    Yeah, St. Croix was a blast. Not much time on the plane. No passport required.

    I'd like to go back again when all the tourists come in. A lot of stuff was closed because it was the off season. I'd like to see St Thomas, too.

    The people are super friendly and if you plan correctly, you can pretty much do everything the island has to offer in a week.

    Would definitely recommend to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    Looks like fun. Beer drinking kind of people.

    When is the Asian tour?
    I'm strongly considering it. Was checking out Guam.



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