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    Scion TC engine issues and warranty issues

    Hello gents!

    So, my fiance has a 2008 scion TC that we picked up at 55k miles from balise toyota in springfield. A few weeks ago, we noticed that the engine started burning oil really fast. We kept adding oil to keep it filled until we could get a service date set. I take it to the dealer and they changed the oil and told me to drive it for 1200 miles and see how much oil it burned. I got about 30 miles away and the oil light and check engine light came on and the car died. It could not be started and I had to tow it back to Balise. They did a compression test and they said the engine has zero compression. Now they say they have to tear down the engine and see whats going on. She also pointed out that if there is sludge build up in the engine, then toyota will not cover any repairs under the extended warranty that I purchased with the car. I have done no less than six oil changes on this thing with full synth oil and new wix filters so how the hell can sludge build up in the engine? The teardown is going to cost almost 1000$ too.
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    honestly dude you just have to fight it with them and they will cover it. Toyota has been kinda bad about that lately. i honestly think that when a warranty issue comes in they say its going to be $XXXX.97 and see who pays it and who doesnt.

    few examples: 2007 FJ Cruser with 65K on it.
    1) the rear end starts making noise takes it in and they tell him since he is lifted its not covered because he "off roads" before he had to put up a fight the dealership that he bought it from called him and said they will send a tow truck to come get it and take it to another town and do the work for him, but fully covered under warranty.
    2) his cat went bad a few weeks ago. took it in they said it was going to cost him $1800 to replace them....he simply said "i have an 80k mile power train, and according to that the cat's are covered" the dealer said "well let me check on that" 10 mins later called back, "we will cover it under your power train warranty and get that replaced for you"

    put a fight with you know anyone that has a shop? if so have them print you up receipts for the "oil changes" if not just go into word and make up a shop and print your own. they CANNOT refuse you warranty work from having another shop do it, its against the law actually.
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    I have not really heard any problems with the tc. The problem is, you bought the car used with 55k miles that are unknown to you. It sounds to me the sludge comment is a copout for them not covering anything. Matt is right, you got to fight them on covering the car. Since the car died after the tech touched it, you have some fighting power. I am so glad I have never had any warranty problems with any of my cars. Good luck to you.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. The mechanics took the valve cover off and there is no sign of sludge. However, they ran a compression test that showed zero compression out of three of four cylinders. Further inspection reveals that the valves are bent. This vehicle has a steel timing chain so no chance of it being broken. They said the warranty inspector will have to come in and check it out once they tear the engine down. I've got an army of mechanics/engine technicians/attorney's standing by for the results. I got to pick the brain of the master mechanic since the service department people were sick of dealing with me. He said the only time he has seen this happen is when people drive the car right around the redline which my fiance and I never even get close to. They are still demanding to see receipts for the oil purchases that I have done of which I can only locate one or two of.

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    What a copout asking for oil receipts.

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    my mom's FJ just recently got a new tranny under warranty; just in the nick of time too. the dealer gave her the run around of course saying call toyota etc... while toyota said contact the dealer.

    i think i will continue to buy honda... 95 civic starts right up after a month or so of sitting and no odd noises; after she warms up, can redline all day. amazing if ya ask me.
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    Toyota and Honda are about the same as far as reliability goes if ya ask me. Both are amazing, I'm still impressed with my 4runner a good 207k right now rocking strong, only noise is throw out bearing... Waiting for clutch to blow..

    But ya dude I would just put up a fight for sure if they try to pull the red line thing just tell them look me nor my fiance drive that way we bought this car with 55k miles on it and that's why we bought the warranty so I paid for this service now fix it, and if they still fight it tell them to expect to hear from my lawyer and they will fix it.

    II doubt they won't fix it after the first sign of power pull from you though
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    Went by the dealer to drop off what little paperwork I have, service dpt manager seemed to think it would be enough. She let me go out in the shop and see the engine. Pistons look fine, cylinders looked fine, crosshatching is nice and clear. Exhaust valves are totally fucked up, stems are bent almost to 45 degree angles on a few. Looks like one of the camshaft bearings was receiving zero lubrication and fused into the head. The head is totally boned at this point. Everything in the head looks perfect and coated in oil except for the area around that bearing. She thinks something may have blocked an oil channel that was supplying oil to that area or the oil supply had burned off to the point that there wasn't enough to cover it. Funny since they had initially told me that it should burn up to 1qt per 1000 miles before the warranty would cover it. To that I replied: "so when it burns up all the oil and the engine seizes up, will the warranty cover that?" Lo and behold, here we are.

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    Update: After going back and forth briefly with the warranty inspector, they agreed to fix the damage to the engine under the warranty. Here is what they replaced:

    Cylinder head
    Both camshafts
    All valves
    Camshaft sprockets (apparently these broke off the cams when the bearing seized)
    4 Pistons
    all piston rings
    All seals and gaskets
    Oil pump
    Water pump

    They tore apart the block and cleaned it and rebuilt it as well just to make sure something wasnt clogged in it. Total cost in labor was 2400$, parts were 3300. Just shy of 6000$ after taxes. I am pretty impressed with how thorough they were and honestly, it was not as large of a battle as I thought it was going to be. They caved on the repairs fairly quickly. Also - they had the vehicle back together and test driven for 10 miles in two days. Thats two days including shipping time on the new parts. I guess thats the difference between working in my garage/driveway vs working in a massive professional shop and having several mechanics at your disposal.

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    ya told ya they would cave pretty easy. thats good they covered it though.

    and yes doing it in the garage and what not compared to a shop...big difference. example, it took me a few hours to change out my clutch in my honda in my driveway.....i pulled an entire 4runner engine at my friends shop in 4.5 hours. it really is so much easier and with all the right tools and a lift...major difference.
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    lol me working on cars in my driveway = an hour of trying to find tools and 15 minutes of actual labor followed by me getting aggravated because I broke something. usually because i don't have the right fucking tools

    sometimes it's a miracle if i find a screwdriver in under a half hour. will not be like that when i have my own place.
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    Yeah, I was changing front wheel bearings on my 96 civic today at my buddy's house. No shop press... I hit the back of a 2.25" socket so hard that we believe it is now permanently affixed to the inside of the old wheel bearing. Six hours of smashing shit with a sledge hammer and I almost have the new bearing installed, just need to get the axle sleeve back in and replace the ball joints that I had to burn out with an oxygen torch... Thank god I have vacation coming up this week.



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