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  • Product Review: CED Shooter's Backpack Range Bag Nylon Black

    In an effort to provide meaningful content to this subforum and hopefully drive traffic in the future. I'll attempt to do product reviews on random shit i buy for shooting and shooting related items.

    I recently bought this bag (
    Attachment 178

    to use as a range bag to carry all the necessary items without forgetting them at home. I've taken it to the range once so far and it did a pretty good job and overall happy with the price tag as it's priced for convenience, but you get a lot of intangibles that make up for the price.

    First up, some manufacturers notes about the bag. Straight copy pasta:

    Technical Information

    Removable pistol bag insert
    Detachable pouch for brass
    Removable portable folding seat
    Water bottle
    Adjustable accessory straps
    Padded shoulder straps with rubber backing
    Detachable shoulder pouches
    Zippered ammunition compartment holds up to 200 rounds of handgun ammunition
    Magazine storage
    Center storage compartment
    Zippered compartment for storage of papers, cards and pens
    Dimensions: 17.5" high x 13.5" wide x 9.5" deep

    First thing i noticed when i took the item out of the box was the quality of the bag. It's made out of heavy nylon so you know it can be thrown around and take a beating. Outside bottom of the bag has two plastic rails that gives it good support on the ground. Giving it stability when placed on the floor of an indoor range and doesn't flop over. Going back to the inside bottom of the bag is a stiff bottom giving the bag its shape. This is where your ammo is going to. I noticed that you could fit your standard 50 round box of 9mm ammo at the bottom, 4 boxes wide. Going back to the outside of the bag there's a zippered compartment in the same area where you can unzip to reach in and pull out a box of ammo for convenience. I noticed here even with my small hands that i had to fumble around to get the box out. But that's probably because i had my pistol and belt w/ holster on top of the ammo.

    In the inside of the bag there's a separate compartment where they're stowing away a folded stool. Now this is pretty cool because it doesn't take up much space. But the stool was so damn small that my 5'3 body had to squat pretty damn low to utilize it as a seat. For bigger guys this stool will probably be absolutely useless, unless they use it as a small table while being out on the range.

    The main compartment storage was pretty big and using the padded zippered pistol case was able to fit my pistol. I can imagine with more padded zippered pistol cases you can store 4-6 handguns in the main storage area. There is ample space in there. What i carried to the range was my 9mm pistol in the provided padded pistol case, belt with attached serpa holster, and bianchi 2 mag pouch.

    The shoulder straps were woefully padded. But the interesting part is that they have a sort of rubber anti skid material on the inside so that the bag doesn't slip around. It also had a poor excuse for a chest/stomach strap to help offload the weight to your legs. It does come with two little pouches on the shoulder straps to store your cell phone / extra magazines / money clip / plastic ids or credit cards.

    A small 8oz squeeze water bottle comes with the bag which is nice to have on those outdoor ranges where it's just ports and a grassy/dirt knoll.

    There's a nice sized ID window w/ no id card (i just use an index card with my info) on the outside of the bag.

    The front pocket has pouches to hold 10 mags and the flap folds down for easy access. The other smaller front pocket has your standard areas for holding a pen, notepad, or a small roll of masking tape. Which is nice to have for those times you wished you had those items.

    Now when you're actually wearing the backpack it's actually kind of awkward. Since the bag really holds it shape and has a huge amount of space it sticks out a good amount. To the point where you should have second thoughts when you turn around to say hi to someone. But it gets the job done, frees up both your hands, and keeps you organized.

    Overall i'm satisfied with the price of the bag. I get a lot of utility out of the bag along with a huge amount of space to carry whatever my hearts desire. The one thing i like about this bag is it frees up your hands. When compared to a shoulder bag i find my self leaning to the opposite side of the bag to act as a counter weight and i have to put it down if i need to sign papers. It's a bit expensive compared to most shoulder based bags but the utility makes up for it.

    Hopefully this review helps and people haven't shot them selves in the face yet.

    Happy shooting! pics/vids to come after
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