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  • PS Vita [OT] It's like a PS3 in your pocket, or a bag, or not

    Launches Feb 22, 2012 in the US (Feb 15th for First edition bundle)


    - 3G/ATT (3G model only) : The new PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi, powered by AT&T's Mobile Broadband Network, will change the way you game with real-time scores and game ranking news feeds, competitive multiplayer game sessions, and cross-game text messaging with Party.

    - Front and rear camera : Use the front and rear cameras on your PS Vita create amazing augmented reality experiences in your games by transporting your world or yourself into the game.

    - Six Axis movement : With PS Vita's motion sensor technology actively engage with the game like never before as you touch, tilt, and steer your PS Vita.

    - OLED touchscreen : The multi touch display offers new ways to complete challenges and actions alike, all on a stunning 5" OLED screen.

    - Rear touchpad : The rear multi touch pad gives you greater hand control while freeing up the brilliance of the front OLED screen.

    - GPS (3G model only) : Locate, connect and play with friends via GPS* and social networking apps like near.

    - Cross-Play : With cross play you can start playing a game on you Playstation 3, and conitue the game via cloud save on the PS Vita

    - Social networking : Ability to use Twitter, Facebook and Netflix (not available at launch)

    Games at launch:

    - Army core of hell
    - Asphalt injection
    - BlazBlue: Continuum shift extend
    - Dungeon hunter alliance
    - Dynasty warriors next
    - Hot shots golf
    - Fifa soccer
    - little deviants
    - Lumines: Electronic symphony
    - Modnation racers: road trip
    - Ninja gaiden sigma plus
    - Rayman origins
    - Reality fighters
    - Shinobido 2
    - Super stardust Delta
    - Touch my katamari
    - Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3
    - Uncharted Golden Abyss
    - Virtua Tennis 4
    - Wipeout 2048
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